Military Applicants:

The Concealed Carry Unit is notifying all instructors of the recent changes to the Concealed Carry laws that were passed during this year's (2015) legislative session. The changes can be seen in House Bill 431 and they impact our Military and Mounted Patrol applicants. The Bill states we are providing an exception to the fee and firearms training course requirements of the Concealed Carry Act for current members of the New Mexico Mounted Patrol and certain Military Service Persons.

Pursuant to Section 29-19-14 NMSA, Mounted Patrol has the same requirements as current and retired law enforcement. An application fee, a renewal fee, and a firearms training course are not required for an applicant or licensee who has successfully completed a law enforcement academy basic law enforcement training program for New Mexico Mounted Patrol. A NM Mounted Patrol member will submit to the Department (2) full sets of fingerprints and a color photograph.

Application fee and training courses are not required for Military personnel or Military persons, however a firearms training course will have to be taken for those who have been discharged from military service more than twenty years of the application for their initial license or renewal. Military Service Person is defined as being on active duty with the United States armed forces, is on reserve or guard duty with the United States armed forces, or is a veteran or retiree who received an honorable discharge as indicated on a US Department of Defense Form 214.

Registration for Military/Mounted Patrol/Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Applicants:

1. The applicant must register with Gemalto/3M Cogent

2. Use the following ORI when registering use "DPS CCW LAW ENF APP"

3. After registration and $8.30 electronic fingerprint processing payment are complete, the applicant will receive a REG ID.

4. Complete 2 page CCW application

5. Photocopy of New Mexico Driver’s License or Identification Card

6. Original birth certificate: Must be issued by a vital statistics or similar agency in the state in which you were born, no photo copies. Refer to 29-19-5 B(6)

7. Photocopy of Military ID/DD214 or any other document for military verification.

8. Two (2) Authorization Release Forms

9. Electronic Fingerprint Background Check receipt